Environmental, free & efficient.

Your pool is a big and expensive investment, so why use it for only 12 weeks a year? By investing in a safe, environmentally friendly, efficient solar heating system, you will find mid season averages of 27° degrees will make everyday swimming a delight!

The solar collector is positioned in a sunny area, either on a roof, on the ground or on a specially built frame. Pool water is then pumped through the collector using your existing pump. The water in the collector is heated by the sun and returned to the pool, turning your pool into a heat sink. It’s that simple! Installing a fully automatic system allows you total freedom to enjoy your pool, without having to manually turn valves on and off. You simply add a Sunline digital controller and circulating pump. The controller activates the circulating pump when the difference between the ambient temperature and the pool temperature is 5° degrees or more and de-activates it when the temperature difference falls to 2° degrees.


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